Clean Sweep Hazardous Materials Recycling & Disposal Options

Dane County Highway Garage
2302 Fish Hatchery Rd. (north end), corner of Fish Hatchery and Badger Roads
Tel: 608-294-5366

2003 Hours


7:30 am-2:00 pm

May 2 thru October 25


The Clean Sweep & Product Exchange attempts to reuse as much of the material as possible that is brought into the facility. To do this cost effectively, the program accepts only those materials for which there is no ther disposal option in the city or county. The listed municipal agencies or private businesses will accept the materials not accepted by Clean Sweep (primarily for no fee). It is with appreciation that we refer our customers to them.

Special Material

Where to Recycle

Ammo, Explosives & Fireworks Dane County Sheriff's Office
Bomb Squad Technician, 255-2345
Antifreeze, Oil Filter, Used Oil

Car Care Clinics
2733 University Ave. (West)
1894 E. Washington (East)

Valvoline Oil Change Stations
939 S. Park St. (nearest)

Lead Acid/Nicad/Computer/Button Batteries Plus
3721 E. Washington Ave. (East)
406 Commerce (Next to Menards West)
Rechargeable Only Radio Shack Stores
3040 Fish Hatchery, 277-1073 (nearest)
Auto & Motorcycle

Any place that sells them

All Metals Recycling
1802 Park St., 255-0960

Ballasts Clean Sweep
2302 Fish Hatchery Rd.

Resources Solutions
2701 Packer Ave, 244-5451

Cascade Asset Management, LLC
1009 Jonathan Dr., 271-6181


Driveway Sealer/Roofing Tar

  • Fluid/Semisoft
  • Hardened
  • Hardened w/water on top
Clean Sweep & Product Exchange
Curbside w/lid off
Pour water off and curbside w/lid off
Fluorescent & Incandescent Light Bulbs/Ballasts

BJ Electric Supply Inc.
805 Plaenert Dr., 257-4777

Budget Lamp
3224 Kingsley Way, 275-6766

PKK Lighting
7182 Hwy 14 (past Fish Lumber on right)

Fire Extinguishers

Jefferson Fire & Safety (West)
7617 Donna Dr., Middleton

Automatic Fire Protection (East)
805 Walsh Rd., 241-1993

Kerosene & Fuel Oil Clean Sweep (in a disposable and safe container)
Mercury Clean Sweep

Propane Cylinders

  • Empty/Partially full 20#
  • Empty 1#

Any place that refills them

Clean Sweep

For other recycling locations throughout Dane County, contact your local recycling office or county web page at For more information on city curbside services and disposal options, refer to the "Recyclopedia" or at, or call Clean Sweep at 294-5366.

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